The Magic Lyfe

We are just like you...filled with dreams of living free in a better world with family and good friends. Living life to the maximum of our ability.

Be yourself! Be free! Be magical!
"Live the Magic Lyfe"


Tropical Punch

A blend of flavors that burst in your mouth.
Non-carbonated and no caffeine.



Grape Punch

Tantalizing grape fruity drink that will quench your thirst. Non-carbonated and no caffeine.



You Could Win!

You could be the next winner of Magic Lyfe delicious beverages, T-shirts, headphones, concert tickets, gift cards to popular restaurants, and so much more!


Who We Are

Magic Lyfe Beverages is a company that has mastered great tasting beverages for everyone to love. We are Los Angeles, California natives inspired by the laid back, fun loving people we keep around us.

We offer you delicious flavors that are delectable, tasty, and refreshing.
We’re just getting started! Live the Magic Lyfe!

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you.


1901 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles CA 90067


(800) 449-4860


Investor Relations

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